At CFL we provide Constantly Varied, Functional Movement, performed at High Intensity through a group class design, which is tailored for everyone.

From young to old, sedentary to active, CrossFit Loughrea will give you a healthy, friendly and challenging environment. CrossFit is for everybody and we can’t stress that enough. Before starting CrossFit as a duty of care we make everybody that comes through our doors take part in our Fundamentals course.This course is 3 weeks long with 2 one hour sessions a week. During this course you will lean how to safely execute the main movements used in CrossFit workouts. Upon completion of the Fundamentals course you can start group CrossFit classes.

CrossFit it a fitness programme designed to improve an individual’s general health and well-being. CrossFit caters for everyone from professional athletes to dormant fitness first-timers, through its unique scaled workouts. At CrossFit Loughrea we will teach you as many movements as possible through Mobility/Flexibility, Cardiovascular, Weightlifting and gymnastics training methods.This unique mix of skills makes you an all round fitter, stronger, healthier person, equipping you with the tools to move easier through everyday life.